Friday, September 23, 2011

Nirvana, grey/black/white and pasty legs-this is what I call a Northwestern inspired outfit. The dress underneath is by Evil Twin and has a giant cross down the front, but I usually layer over it. People in Portland sometimes scoff at you for being a Nirvana fan, but territorial hipsterism is inevitable, you can't let it stop you from liking whatever you want. I found the t-shirt at Red Light, my favorite for vintage! You can hardly tell, but my boots are some cheapy H&M chelsea boots with a heel and for what I paid and the quality, they're surprisingly my most comfortable pair and go with literally everything.

I've felt so busy lately, but by no means am I overworked. There's possibility that I'll be taking on some freelance work soon, so I'm eager to put in some creative effort and strengthen my skills.

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