Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Style recap of the past year

To kick off my new blog, I thought to start with how my personal taste has progressed in the last twelve months. Black is always a mainstay in my wardrobe, but lately I'm feeling bits of obnoxious color to punch up the dark palette. Last year was a bit rough, which I think reflected in my clothing choice at times, but this time around, I'm feeling less bogged down and not-so-simple.

I relied on fur vests, leather pants, maxi skirts, leopard print and western boots for far too long. Not to say I don't still love incorporating all of them in my closet, but it became predictable after awhile. I'm not one to stay within the lines often, but for whatever reason, I kept restricting myself from anything that wasn't black, wispy or animal hyde (okay, usually faux). I need to let the kook back in, already. Sometimes, you forget that your favorite "things", be it color, pattern, style, whatever, don't necessarily need to be the only focus.

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