Monday, October 24, 2011

How can I not dig Janet & Michael gone intergalactic-industrial-goth?

Say what you will, but the vinyl, strange spikey shirts (remember those tops looked super tiny before you put them on and everyone was like, "Wtf!? Maybe I need one."-except they never looked this cool?) and shaggy fur are some sort of dreamy. The video has it's lulzy moments, but I can't help but love the futuristic kink factor this one possesses. Also, who doesn't love a little sibling duet set inside a spaceship, huh? Perhaps it's the fact that I've wanted a pair of vinyl pants since about the 2nd grade, but I've never been so obsessed with the Jackson's style until this one hit the spot...though it's tough competition for Janet's 'Rhythm Nation' era, I will say.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Igor Dewe

You know that feeling of intimidation when you see someone who's shoes make yours feel like you might as well be wearing velcro orthopedic sneakers? Well, the sensation is amplified when that someone is a man and I don't know of anyone who does it quite like Parisian stylist Igor Dewe. You may remember him, or rather, his feet, as the black electrical-taped pair of hooves standing around outside of Paris Fashion Week a few years ago. Notorious for different street-style performances, his footwear never disappoints, as it's always a one of a kind DIY. From tape or metal structured platforms, to old running shoes stacked on top of multiple shoe soles, Igor's ideas are always off kilter and grounds for staring-be it in amazement or confusion. When it comes to what he's wearing aside from customized kicks, his style resembles 20th century Russia-meets-couture-meets-Club Kid. It all oozes some sort of Neo-Bohemian vibe that has obviously worked swimmingly for Igor, considering he's collaborating with designers, becoming a style icon and keeps people guessing as to what out of this world pair of shoes he'll come up with next-all while retaining quite the sense of mystery. I'd say his affinity for footwear has amounted in a job well done, not slowing down anytime soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Babe: Shirley Manson

I remember strolling into the living room as a youngster and being stopped by a Garbage music video my brother was watching. Shirley Manson seemed (and still does) so mysterious to me, what with her cat eyes and deep Scottish accent for starters. Her grunge vixen look, with a touch of baby doll, is always simple and signature, never over or underdone. Lots of short dresses or skirts, black, red plaids (fittingly so), the occasional leopard print and a pair of ass kicking boots. For make up, Shirley stays fairly consistent with a dark, smokey eye, porcelain skin and sometimes a dark berry shade on the lips-with or without, she's gorgeous on a slightly superhuman level, coveting an effortless intensity all her own. Let's not forget the hair either, because she makes me want to take back every terrible ginger joke I've ever told or laughed at. A woman of the 90's, Ms. Manson had a home brewed look with just enough edge to hold her own as "The Girl" in a band.

Shirley Manson of Garbage