Monday, October 3, 2011

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2012 RTW

When it comes to what I'm naturally drawn towards in garments, I will always be reaching for things that are A) Black, B) Sheer and/or C) Oversized. Ann Demeulemeester struck black gold with her Spring 2012 RTW collection, combing all three and I find myself sighing over each and every piece. The long, lean cuts are especially attracting me, as are the silky tassels and leather hats. Also, the awkwardly combed over coiffure was surprisingly elegant while adding a bit of quirk-I love the idea of seemingly unappealing hairdos on knockout ensembles. This season has sealed the deal for me on Demeulemeester, making up for any past collections I was on the fence about.

If you'd like to see what a dream jacket looks like, get a load of this beauty.

This nude look was a nice little break from black and I can't stop staring at it. The tasseled jacket (or dress?) is excessive, yet not overdone and harbors a slight 1930's glamour aesthetic with loads of fringe.A onesie will almost always tempt me, especially when it looks so cozy and has a great harem shape.

I feel like it's so much more rare seeing black on top and white on the bottom, but it seems to turn heads, or mine at least. Granted, it's a little impractical if you plan on sitting anywhere that isn't kept in a dirt-safe bubble, but practicality can't always win, right? I think it's a slight brain trick, really, because most people are so used to seeing it the opposite, so it takes a little longer to register. It's refreshing and a bit mod even, making the choice to not wear color anything but basic. Playing with black and white is the best because it's pretty much impossible to not match.

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