Monday, October 24, 2011

How can I not dig Janet & Michael gone intergalactic-industrial-goth?

Say what you will, but the vinyl, strange spikey shirts (remember those tops looked super tiny before you put them on and everyone was like, "Wtf!? Maybe I need one."-except they never looked this cool?) and shaggy fur are some sort of dreamy. The video has it's lulzy moments, but I can't help but love the futuristic kink factor this one possesses. Also, who doesn't love a little sibling duet set inside a spaceship, huh? Perhaps it's the fact that I've wanted a pair of vinyl pants since about the 2nd grade, but I've never been so obsessed with the Jackson's style until this one hit the spot...though it's tough competition for Janet's 'Rhythm Nation' era, I will say.

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