Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Babe: Iggy Pop

I'm not sure if I could totally consider Iggy to be a style influence, though he's my hero and inspires me beyond words. I've always taken notice of his tight jeans, metallic leathers and studded collars, as he's a man of little clothing. A glam rock vision, he's the quintessential pretty boy gone bad, not to mention he sported black lipstick and eyeliner like nobody's business. He is, in a word, superhuman and his music literally is 'Raw Power'. It never gets old and is always haunting in it's vulnerable, gritty but sexy sound. His days of being a hot mess may be over, but his acting endeavors (Pete & Pete, Coffee & Cigarettes, Cry Baby and more) prove he's well spoken and able to take whatever is thrown at him with finesse. My mega crush for Mr. Pop will never die and he reminds me to thrash forever, even when I feel like giving up, because everyone is capable of more than they know.

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