Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dee-Lite Pt. 1

Most people who were alive in the 90's remember a little tune called, 'Groove Is In The Heart', whether you liked it or not. It's a catchy song and features Bootsy Collins as well as Q-Tip, while creating an acid funk meets underground rave vibe. As a youngster, I see the video on VH1 for the first time and went completely nuts over this group's image as I'm watching this catsuit-clad girl shake it in the most funkadelic of ways. Lady Miss Kier, the redheaded vixen and main vocalist, is like a harlequin go-go girl on acid, who to this day continues to reinvent herself and DJ, as she's got her own loyal following. Super DJ Dmitri, Towa Tei and DJ Ani make up the instrumentals, spinning and beats, bringing a fresh dynamic to the NYC club scene at the time. They put out three albums in all, 'World Clique' being the most successful, along with, 'Infinity Within' and 'Dewdrops In The Garden', but nothing could quite compare to the song they're known for. Call them a bit of a one-hit-wonder, but Dee-Lite spread an air of having fun at all times through experimentation, while their incorporation of far out fashion continues to inspire, blurring the line between costume and normal attire.

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