Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dee-Lite Pt. 2

Back to Lady Kier: I have an ever growing obsession with her. The multicolor faux fur and plaforms, not to mention vinyl and catsuits, she is my childhood dream in human form. I always commend those who reinvent, like Cher, Madonna, Gaga (ehhh), but Lady Kier owns the psychedelic aesthetic of mismatched prints, loud colors and flashy materials. Her tripped out attire even got the attention of Thierry Mugler, who she walked the runway for in the early 90's, making a perfect fit for the designer's low brow looks. Dee-Lite was very much a DIY group, as Lady Kier created her own looks, holding true to the club kid ideals of individualism through costume (though 'costume' is a very subjective term, in my opinion). It was hard not to go crazy with photos, but how could I not when their look is so unpredictable? I can only dream of what Lady Kier's closet looks like and I'd die happily just to get a glimpse, but I continue to wonder what her version of dressing down might be and whether it involves vinyl at all.
Babe: Miss Lady Kier of Dee-Lite

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